Job: Project Manager - High pressure processes

The CTTÉI is recruiting a level 1 project manager specialized in high-pressure processes .

It's a key position to bring our industrial waste recovery projects to life and develop clean processes.

If you're an expert in supercritical fluids, we'd like to hear from you.

The spirit of employment

At the CTTÉI, we have 3 researchers, 8 project managers and 4 laboratory technicians, plus associate professors and interns.

This fine team is working hard to achieve two major goals:

  • We work for the customer: finding solutions is our pride and joy.
  • We're working for the environment: we're convinced that, by taking one step at a time, we can optimize the use of resources. And that's how, ultimately, we fight climate change.

And that's why we're looking for someone like you: resourceful, creative, rigorous. Someone who likes to get out of the office sometimes, who uses his brain and his hands, who likes to find solutions, imagine set-ups and finally shout "Yéééé! It works!

Your future employer

A forerunner in the circular economy (we were talking about it long before it was fashionable!), an expert in the recovery of industrial residues and the development of clean processes, the CTTÉI is experiencing strong demand for its innovative hydrothermal oxidation projects.

We have the latest and most exciting clean-tech laboratories and equipment, just waiting for your talent:

  • SupercriticalCO2: 2 laboratory reactors, for extraction, impregnation and sterilization projects, up to 200°C / 1000 bar.
  • Subcritical / supercritical water: 2 laboratory batch units, up to 500°C / 450 bar.
  • Hydrothermal oxidation pilot plant unique in Canada: continuous 8 kg/h equipment, bubble column reactor, with compressor, high-pressure pump, heat exchangers, reaching 200 bar / 325°C.
  • Related equipment for technology coupling.

Our environment is welcoming and stimulating.

Here, everything is done to encourage dynamic collaboration between colleagues. We believe it's possible to combine professional efficiency with personal benevolence.

Be serious and rigorous, AND work in a good mood.

  • Our team is made up of equal numbers of men and women. There are as many women as men, including in our scientific professions. We're proud of that.
  • We have joined the Groupe Entreprises en Santé approach. It's a genuine employee-driven approach. We encourage work-family balance, and it's possible to telework up to 3 days a week.
  • Our team is also diverse, fair and inclusive. Take a look and see for yourself.

Your mission

At the CTTÉI, project managers aren't locked away in their offices. You'll be able to organize, coordinate, brainstorm AND carry out projects.

Which projects? Projects to study supercritical processes for the recovery of residual materials.

  • You'll be mentored by a level 3 project manager. Just because the team is small doesn't mean you have to go it alone. 
  • You'll be working with the laboratory test technicians (they're great people).  
  • You'll be modeling processes and revising your maths and physics-chemistry regularly by calculating mass and energy balances.
  • You will participate in technical and economic analyses (CAPEX-OPEX). Because this is an important step in ensuring that our solutions are right for customers.
  • You'll be writing technical reports, but you'll also be presenting the results to customers.
  • We're counting on you to shine with us at customer meetings, service offers, conferences and conventions.

Your training and experience

  • An undergraduate degree in chemical engineering is ideal.
  • If you have a2nd cycle, that's fine too.
  • If you have a different background with relevant skills, drop us a line: we'll take a look!
  • We're interested in your previous industry experience, especially if it includes process modeling, with Aspen or Prosim for example.
  • We also like: if you've already done CAPEX-OPEX type technical-economic studies.

Your talents

  • You like a job well done (science requires rigor).
  • I think you've already figured it out, but just in case: you love A-PPLI-QUÉ research! Collaborating, communicating with partners and customers, getting your hands dirty, carrying out a variety of tasks, but all important in the chain.
  • If you speak English, it will help with certain customers.

Working conditions

  • Full time: for us, that means 35 hours a week.
  • We're in Sorel-Tracy. Are you hesitating? Once you've had a taste of a life where every minute belongs to you, you may not be able to do without it. At worst, if you live a bit far away, you can experience the joys of going against the flow of traffic. That's a detail we can talk about.
  • Flexible hours and telecommuting up to 3 days/week. Depends on the project. We can't transport the labs to your home, but you've already guessed that.
  • Salary: depending on experience and qualifications, as always. But let's be transparent: it's between $61,861 and $73,928.
  • We're small, but we've got benefits: disability, extended health and life insurance; sick leave; employee assistance program (EAP); group RRSP.
  • We'd like you to arrive in spring. It'll be a great time to brighten up our lives.

To apply

Write to us at

If you have any questions, you can also contact our Operations Manager, Julie Gendron, at She's a little busy (she needs you!), so we trust you on that.

Unless a space-time door opens in our administrative calendar, only people whose applications match our needs should be contacted, unfortunately. If you're not, that doesn't mean we don't appreciate your interest, so stay tuned!