January 6, 2016


List of press releasesDescriptionDateFile
Best practices report - Tourist accommodationSome 50 examples of the circular economy in Quebec, Canada and abroad.April 2023Accessible at https://www.hotelleriequebec.com/developpement-durable-des-exemples-concrets-pour-vous-inspirer/
Collection of synergies 202213 concrete examples of synergies, presented by the industrial symbiosis who initiated and accompanied it. November 2022
Conducting a Material Flow Cost Analysis (MFCA) GuideThis guide, developed with the Centre de recherche en comptabilité et développement durable (CerCeDD) of Laval University, explains how to measure the real value of waste management. Fall 2022
MFDA Guide - Additional ToolsAdditional tools are required to customize your material flow cost analysis (MFCA). Fall 2022
Toolkit for a regional circular economy roadmapThe toolkit provides an accessible methodology and easily adaptable tools to create a regional circular economy roadmap in collaboration with stakeholders, as well as to support its development and implementation.June 2022Available at https://www.recyc-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/municipalites/mieux-gerer/economie-circulaire
Quebec Forestry Sector - Circularity Study and Potential OpportunitiesPublic Report, Quebec's Forest Sector - Circularity Study and Potential Opportunities, March 2022 - CTTÉI - Natural Resources CanadaSpring 2022
Forest Sector in Quebec - Circularity Assessment and Market OpportunitiesPublic report, Forest Sector in Quebec - Circularity Assessment and Market Opportunities, March 2022. CTTÉI - Natural Resources CanadaSpring 2022
Characterisation guideThis guide provides companies and organizations with a simple methodology to measure their waste production.October 2021
Characterisation grid The characterisation grid is a complementary tool to the characterisation guide to help you characterise your waste.October 2021
Collection of synergies 202132 concrete and inspiring cases of achievements in the circular economy in Quebec.May 2021
Circularity of the textile industry in Québec: Opportunities for unloved fibresThe report shows how to improve textile waste management thanks to principles of circular economy.January 2021
Circularity of the Textile Industry in Quebec: Opportunities for the Unloved
November 2020
This report provides a portrait of textile circularity in Quebec. November 2020
Synergy collection 2020First collection of synergies in Quebec: 11 concrete and inspiring cases of achievements in circular economy in Quebec.May 2020
Best Practices Guide CRD Wood Sorting CentreThis guide lists the best practices to be implemented in construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) waste sorting centers in order to maximize the recovery of post-consumer wood in Quebec.2019Available at https://www.recyc-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/sites/default/files/documents/guide-meilleures-pratiques-bois-CRD-centre-de-tri.pdf
Guide to creating a industrial symbiosis
This guide proposes a simple and clear approach to initiate a project to exchange recyclable waste, water and energy between businesses. This guide accompanies organizations that wish to set up the foundations of a industrial symbiosis: local development agents, waste management officials, elected officials, reclaimers, concentrators and recyclers, business associations, etc.2013
Creating an industrial symbiosisThis document offers clear and simple guidance on how to start an industrial symbiosis project. How to share waste resources and build synergies, restore circularity between organisations on a specific territory. It is of interest for economic development agents, waste management specialists, territorial authorities, recyclers, business associations, etc.2013