CTTÉI achieves Level 2 Healthy Enterprise

Sorel-Tracy, June 27, 2022. The Centre de transfert technologique (CTTÉI) obtains the " Entreprise en santé Level 2" recognition from the Groupe Entreprises en santé.

The CTTÉI received level 1 certification in March 2021 thanks to a structured approach to health and well-being at work. Led by Phousadavanh Chounlamany, a laboratory technician, this approach began with workstation ergonomics. It included the formalisation of practices already in place within the small team of just over 20 employees.

In fact, the CTTÉI distinguished itself by winning the Prix Distinction 2021 awarded by the Groupe Entreprises en santé. There was no question of stopping there!

Organised in the form of a committee, four employees have redoubled their efforts during the year 2021-2022 in order to reach level 2. It is now a done deal, thanks to Phousadavanh Chounlamany, Catherine Thériault, Weena Durand, Isabelle Girard.

With the support of the general management, they have set up a budget for social activities and regular moments of exchange and sharing. Holidays, birthdays, sweet breaks, all occasions are good to get to know each other better and share a convivial moment.

Thanks to these initiatives, the CTTÉI is very attractive. This is reflected in the number of applications received for job openings. The values of collaboration and diversity are truly embodied by all members of the team. They go beyond wishful thinking. The team spirit is expressed through daily interactions.

On the way to level 3!

Certification level 2 health companies
Certification - "Recognised as a Healthy Enterprise Level 2".