February 21, 2016

Recycling of non-compliant boots

When a company profits from its own waste

Recycling of non-compliant boots

Photo by NathB

The Quebec manufacturer Genfoot (Kamik boots) requested the assistance of the CTTÉI to identify an effective method of separating the thermoplastic elastomer coating for recycling its non-compliant boots without damaging the neoprene liner. Thus, the elastomer can be recycled in the plant and the boot can be reused again without reducing its insulating properties.

Thanks to the financial support of Prima Quebec and its business partner Felix Compounds, this project has allowed the exploration of different ways to enhance the value of the work and the identification of equipment to automate the work, thereby creating 1 job. As a result, nearly 300 slippers per day can now be recovered. This approach fits in very well with the company's vision, which is recognized for its environmental efforts. In fact, it manufactures more than 2 million boots with entirely recycled content every year.

A video on recycling Kamik boots can be viewed here.