February 21, 2016

CO2 Sequestration

Upgrading of metallurgical by-products

co2 sequestration

Large companies in the metallurgical sector emit large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2). However, these companies also generate hydroxide-rich by-products that can sequester this greenhouse gas in the form of carbonates. Through this project, the CTTÉI wants to demonstrate that it is possible to sequester CO2 from industrial by-products at the place where they are generated and for the benefit of the emitting companies. In addition, to ensure that the production of carbonates from CO2 sequestration does not increase the volume of residual materials to be managed by companies, the CTTÉI has identified outlets adapted to their physicochemical properties.

The preliminary study of the technico-economic aspects was carried out by researchers from INRS - Eau Terre Environnement with whom the CTTÉI signed a first collaboration. This study made it possible to identify the parameters having the greatest impact on large-scale profitability and to guide the next steps.

This project was carried out with the industrial partners Harsco Minerals, Rio Tinto Fer et Titane, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada, and with the financial support of the CLD de Pierre-De-Saurel, SADC Pierre-De-Saurel, Créneau ACCORD Transformation des métaux ferreux et nouveaux matériaux associés, Cégep de Sorel-Tracy and NSERC.