Concrete walkway incorporating latex paint


Enhanced properties

For nearly a year now, the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI) has been working on the development of a concrete incorporating surplus latex paint. This addition is documented in the technical literature as improving the resistance of concrete to freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing salts, without reducing its compressive strength. Interesting in the context of the Quebec climate!

An open-air test bench

Carried out for Eco-Peinture and Laurentide Re/Sources, this project also has the City of Sorel-Tracy as a partner, with the assistance of Danis Construction. Danis Construction needed to redo a pedestrian walkway in front of one of its buildings, the one that houses the CTTÉI at 3005 de Tracy Blvd. This was the perfect opportunity to test this improved concrete in real-life conditions. On November 18, 17 cubic metres were poured in the presence of Mr. Mario Clermont, General Manager at Laurentide Re/Sources. The next few months will allow us to see first-hand the curing and maintenance of the slab's properties according to the climatic conditions.

CTTEI comes out of the lab

This project is attracting a lot of interest from several contractors in the construction sector who see this project as an opportunity to offer a better performing product. Applications can be numerous and may be limited by the amount of paint available. In fact, the paint used comes from surpluses generated at Laurentide Re/Sources, which collects and markets, under the Boomerang brand, paint cans brought back to hardware stores or municipal drop-off points by citizens. In keeping with the 3RV hierarchy, resale in containers is therefore preferred.

Julie Gendron, lab manager at CTTEI, and Mario Clermont, general manager at Laurentide Re/Sources.

Julie Gendron, lab manager at CTTEI, and Mario Clermont, general manager at Laurentide Re/Sources.

But the CTTÉI hasn't said its last word and its team is not short of ideas and resources to pursue the development of ecomaterials in Quebec, whether concrete-based or not... or not. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!