Wastewater Life Cycle Assessment


Polytechnique Montréal students visit the CTTÉI

CTTÉI is currently supervising a team of five students conducting an environmental analysis of the wet oxidation process (WOP). On November 21, four of them visited the IWTTC to learn more about this effluent treatment process.

Visit of the laboratories and the water treatment plant

The students first visited the CTTÉI laboratories to learn about the tests performed. Accompanied by Jean-François Vermette and Julien Beaulieu, they then visited the facilities of the Sorel-Tracy wastewater treatment plant. André Tremblay, Project Manager at Aquatech, showed them the treatment plant's facilities and explained good practices for managing aerated ponds.

Life Cycle Assessment of OVH

The students' project is part of course DDI8003 at Polytechnique Montréal. Their objective is to analyze the potential impact reductions related to an OVH treatment of sludge from wastewater treatment. To do so, they compare the environmental impacts of two scenarios: simple landfilling of sludge or its treatment by OVH. Their methodology is based on life cycle assessment (LCA): this approach takes into account all emissions generated by production, processing, transportation and end-of-life activities. Eventually, LCA will be able to identify the conditions under which HVO is preferable to simple sludge burial.

This collaboration is a good spin-off from the CIRODD strategic cluster, a research initiative on the operationalization of sustainable development that receives financial support from FRQNT.