February 12, 2021

Circular feeder for feeding insects

Entosystem is a Sherbrooke-based company producing high quality insect proteins for use in feed for farm and domestic animals. The CTTÉI helped the company to ensure its circular supply and to choose the location of its future plant.

Insect larvae - Entosystem
Insect larvae - Entosystem

With a business model based on the agricultural circular economy, Entosystem recovers non-recovered organic materials, such as microbrewery grains, fruit residues, cereal residues, to use them as food for the growth of insect larvae which will then be transformed into rich feed for farm animals (fish, poultry).

A business model that is doubly beneficial for the environment:

  • Recovery and supra-recycling of industrial organic materials
  • Production of feed of high nutritional quality without diverting edible food for humans

CTTÉI accompanied Entosystem for :

  • Ensuring the supply of raw materials in the growth phase
  • Determine the best location to locate the next higher capacity plant

All of this is in keeping with the spirit of supra-recycling and the limitation of transport.

We have:

  • Identifying food residue deposits
  • Selected and mapped the most favourable deposits
  • Sent samples for larval growth tests
  • Recommended the location of the next plant

Tasks successfully completed thanks to the strengths of the CTTÉI :

  • Expertise in technical-economic studies
  • Knowledge of residual material deposits in Quebec
  • Laboratory for physico-chemical characterization, treatment and packaging
  • Network of expertise and agri-food contacts via the Synergie Québec community of practice

To learn more about the company :


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