A CTTÉI researcher in the PME-MTL Est-de-l'île team

Julien BeaulieuA major project with an economic flavour

Last spring, PME-MTL Est-de-l'île launched a project on industrial symbiosis its territory. The goal is to revitalize its sector by encouraging local businesses and shops to exchange resources in order to reduce their raw material purchasing and waste disposal costs. As a result, many residual materials will be diverted from landfill, thereby reducing the environmental impact of participants.

A symbiosis in itself

At the heart of this approach, experienced advisors from the PME-MTL Est-de-l'île team will accompany the companies. Better yet, Julien Beaulieu, ing. Jr. and M. Ing. a specialist in industrial symbiosis and researcher at CTTÉI has joined the team for the duration of the project.

The advantage of welcoming Julien as a full-fledged member of our team is to benefit from his expertise and have him contribute more directly to the implementation of the project. By coming to work on site 1 day a week, he will be able to work with partners and clients, and stay connected to the specific issues of our territory. It's a symbiosis between our two teams," says Mélissa Stoia, Advisor, Growth and Innovation at PME-MTL Est-de-l'île.

An example to be reproduced

The integration of a researcher directly with a partner is a first for the CTTÉI, which intends to repeat the experience with other clients. Chemists, engineers, biophysicists, environmental and waste management specialists...CTTÉI's talents and expertise are exported! Would you like to enhance your team's expertise during a project?