Sorel-Tracy area companies invited to create synergies starting April 25

Montérégie Circulaire Pierre-De Saurel invites businesses to its first circular economy networking breakfast and workshop on Thursday, April 25, 2024. They will be able to leverage their expertise, make the most of their resources and reduce their waste management costs.

Web meshing workshop April 25

Montérégie Circulaire Pierre-De Saurel is a regional development project of industrial symbiosis on the territory of the Pierre-De Saurel MRC. Its mission is to introduce local businesses to circular economy strategies and their benefits, and to support them in their circular initiatives. It is through this project that companies are invited to create synergies.

As part of Earth Day,the first networking breakfast-workshop will be held at the Hôtel de la Rive on Thursday, April 25, from 8:00 to 10:30 am. This fun activity will enable business people to discover the main strategies, identify potential synergies with other organizations in the area, and understand the role of industrial symbiosis and the help it can provide.

A facilitator to help companies achieve their goals 

Photo David Gaudreault
David Gaudreault, host of industrial symbiosis Pierre-De Saurel

Engineer, entrepreneur and business consultant, David Gaudreault will lead the project. He will be responsible for identifying and facilitating inter-company synergies, and supporting entrepreneurs in all their circular initiatives.  

"It's an opportunity for businesses in the region to increase their competitiveness, by adding value to their resources and residual materials, and by adopting sustainable, profitable and circular models,"says David Gaudreault to the local business community.

The circular economy, a lever for regional economic development

industrial symbiosis is a network of organizations linked by exchanges of residual materials, expertise, equipment and services. In this way, the residues of some become the resources of others. Participating companies see their waste management costs reduced. This improves their competitiveness and resilience to economic or health shocks.

The Pierre-De Saurel symbiosis is propelled by the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI), the City of Sorel-Tracy, the MRC de Pierre-De Saurel, Développement économique Pierre-De Saurel (DÉPS), the SADC Pierre-De Saurel, the Société des parcs industriels de Sorel-Tracy (SPIST), the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Sorel-Tracy (CCIST ) and the Recyclo-Centre. The event is organized under the banner of the Montérégie Circulaire project, which is driven by Comité 21 Québec and already active in other Montérégie regions.

The industrial symbiosis

Registration is now open for the networking luncheon, in which companies are invited to come and create synergies. Register on the Sorel-Tracy Chamber of Commerce and Industry website or directly here.


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