The CTTÉI uses its expertise in the Roussillon MRC

Mandated by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance Innovation and the MRC de Roussillon, the CTTÉI will carry out a study aimed at evaluate the potential for industrial synergies within the MRC de Roussillon.

This initiative is directly linked to the Maritime Strategy and the development of Quebec's industrial port areas. It is also based on the desire to stimulate economic growth while reducing the production of residual materials and divert them from landfill sites. Industrial synergies are included in the concept of symbioses and in an effort to make the transition to a circular economy in provincially. On the one hand, they can replace virgin material used by one company by the residual material generated by another. On the other hand, it is possible to group together the needs or offers of the parties stakeholders to create economies of scale.

Industrial symbiosis projects take a significant scale in recent decades in all four corners of the globe. At Because of the need for geographical proximity, the territory of Quebec is conducive to to the emergence of several initiatives. This one is therefore not without precedent since some 20 symbiosis programs are already underway in the beautiful province. As a result, the ITETC will survey businesses in the territory. in order to document residual materials and identify opportunities for mesh. Initially, the participating companies will be trained in and equipped to implement resource exchanges through the suite.

This project is driven by a common ambition the municipality of Sainte-Catherine, the MRC de Roussillon and the Ministry of the Environment. of the Economy and Innovation to bring new opportunities to light for the RCM's product and service companies. These are and an opportunity for the companies taking part to increase the number of their cost-effectiveness, to develop new practices and to collaborate between them while reducing their ecological footprint.

For more information on current industrial symbiosis projects in Quebec, visit the site of the regroupement québécois des symbioses industrielles.