August 3, 2022

Pigments based on metallurgical residues

In 2022, the CTTÉI synthesized pigments for construction materials, such as concrete, mortar, paving stone, mulch, from steel stripping residues.

Metallurgical residues synthesized into pigments for building materials
Photo credit: NathB photographer
  • The CTTÉI's applied research laboratory worked with a partner in the steel industry to identify high value-added outlets for Fe-rich by-products.
  • Ferrous sulfate, a residue associated with steel pickling, could be used as a raw material to produce pigments
  • Interstar, Canada's leading supplier of concrete pigments, was offered an alternative to importing pigments from Asia
  • Several colors are possible: red (hematite-Fe2O3), black (magnetite-Fe3O4) and yellow (goethite-FeO(OH))