RECYC-QUÉBEC injects $180,000 into Kamouraska: from the industrial symbiosis to the circular economy

As proactive as ever in its desire to establish the circular economy in the Kamouraska region, the Société d'aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) du Kamouraska obtained financial assistance of $180,000 from RECYC-QUÉBEC as part of the Transition to the Circular Economy (APTEC) call for proposals.

SADC is thus continuing to roll out its strategy industrial symbiosis by supporting industries, businesses and institutions (ICI) in the creation of synergies.

Thirteen exchanges of materials have already been completed
on the territory... 10 tons of non
and 9 tonnes of GHGs not emitted!

More than a hundred offers and requests for
materials, capacity and energy already identified

Residues for some, raw materials for others? Most certainly. But even better, a real optimization of all the resources of a territory: supplies, deposits, dormant equipment, transport, niches of expertise, HR... The industrial symbiosissynergies it creates between organizations literally makes the hunt for waste! As a member of Synergie Québec, which brings together some fifteen symbioses in Quebec, the SADC also benefits from the support and expertise of the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI).

By integrating a management system
of residual materials, the
industrial symbiosis allows you to manage in
upstream environmental impacts and
contributes to reducing greenhouse gases by
favouring proximity channels, networks
and energy efficiency.
That is why we are pleased, as a
as a Crown corporation, to support projects
such as the
community development

Sonia Gagné, Acting President and CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC

The CFDC is not new to its circular economy initiatives. In April 2017, its first Rendez-vous de l'Économie circulaire, in partnership with Co-éco, clearly showed that the region's players, intermediaries and businesses are open to exploring new, more circular business models.