New expertise at the CTTÉI

A little biotech genius!

The CTTÉI is proud to welcome Mathieu Pominville-Racette, its newest intern, for 3 months. Passionate about finding sustainable and efficient solutions for businesses and society, Mathieu is currently studying biotechnology engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke.

"Biotechnological engineering is comparable to chemical engineering. Engineers working in these two sectors design industrial processes based on syntheses created in laboratories. However, there is a major difference between chemical and biotechnological engineering. In biotechnology, living organisms, such as bacteria, are used rather than chemical substances. This type of engineering comes from several disciplines such as biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and microbiology. Engineers in biotechnology engineering generally work in agriculture, industry or health. "(UDES)

New prospects... for industrial symbiosis!

Mathieu joins the team industrial symbiosis and will actively participate in the activities of this strategic axis. His expertise and various contacts will also be called upon by the Clean Processes Team, which is always on the lookout for the latest findings when it comes to treating effluents or reducing emission sources... including through the action of living organisms!

The future engineer is particularly interested in information management and programming. His objective: to encourage more collaborations and a better targeting of the most promising solutions. His concern to reconcile economy, environment and society from a biotechnology perspective is a plus for members of the Synergie Québec Community.

Rich experiences to share: an atypical profile

The new CTTÉI intern is enthusiastic, creative and curious. Atypical! After studying film at the Université de Montréal, Mathieu jumps at the chance to become a genius! It took a lot of nerve and a dose of ambition. Since then, he has participated in a citizen science project with Agriculture Canada. He has also developed training on the risks of contamination of the City of Montreal's water network in previous internships.

Maybe you'll have the opportunity to work with him?