The CTTÉI at the ADRIQ Innovation Awards Gala with EFC Québec

On Thursday, November 23, 2023, the CTTÉI will be taking part in the 33rdADRIQ Innovation Awards Gala, along with several collaborators from the EFC Québec project. The project has been nominated in the "Collaboration with a college center for technology transfer and innovative social practices (CCTT)" category.

The Programme d'accompagnement en économie de la fonctionnalité et de la coopération auprès des entreprises québécoises was launched in May 2021 by the EFC Québec consortium, founded by 6 organizations:

It is coordinated by the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI ) and has received financial assistance from the Quebec government under the Action-Climat Québec program.

Innovative social practices

There are several reasons why EFC Québec has been nominated for the ADRIQ Innovation Awards Gala.

On the one hand, the project was built around collaboration between regional organizations already very active in the circular economy, and members of Synergie Québec, with a college technology transfer center, the CTTÉI, a member of the CCTT network.

In addition, EFC Québec promotes the Economy of Functionality and Cooperation (EFC). This strategy focuses, among other things, on taking into account the economic, environmental and social externalities of corporate activities. It maximizes the proximity of organizations to their ecosystems and the response to real customer needs, moving away from a simple logic of volume.

Finally, EFC Québec implemented a unique collaborative methodology. Each regional organization worked in pairs with local business advisors. They accompanied 20 volunteer companies to experiment with EFC, initiate the transition and document the benefits.

Innovation 2023 Awards Gala

Host Stéphane Bellavance will moderate the evening, in the presence of Pascale Dery, Minister of Higher Education. Members of the CTTÉI and EFC Québec delegation are : Claude Maheux-Picard and Jennifer Pinna of the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle; Melissa Stoia and Frédéric Loprieno, of Synergie Montréal - powered by PME MTL Est-de-l'Île; Pascale St-Germain of Comité 21 Québec; and Véronique Poulin of Spheratest Environnement inc.

The entire CTTÉI team wishes good luck to the other projects highlighted during the evening. Congratulations to our colleagues at the Centre d'étude des procédés chimiques du Québec (CEPROCQ), the Centre des technologies de l'eau (CTE), the Centre en imagerie numérique et médias interactifs (CIMMI ) and theInstitut des communications graphiques et de l'imprimabilité (ICI )!