The CTTÉI is a healthy enterprise

Sorel-Tracy, March 17, 2021 - It is with pride that the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle received the " Entreprise en santé Level 1 " recognition on March 3, 2021 from the Groupe Entreprises en santé.

The CTTÉI is the first technology transfer centre in Quebec to obtain this recognition. Moreover, it is one of 36 organizations to have obtained this recognition out of 81 currently involved in the process.  

The Groupe entreprises en santé grants the CTTÉI the title of "Entreprise en santé level 1

Phousadavanh Chounlamany, a laboratory technician at the CTTÉI, is in charge of participating in this process. "On the one hand , we are proud to demonstrate, thanks to an external organization, that our philosophy in favour of well-being in the workplace is well in place. On the other hand, our registration with the Groupe Entreprises en santé allows us to structure our actions and to access numerous development and support tools.

An approach in favour of well-being at work

Phousadavanh Chounlamany, Head ofHealth Enterprise at the CTTÉI

The "Healthy Enterprise" award recognizes good practices in terms of health and well-being at work. Four areas of activity are recognized for their positive impact on health: work-life balance (adjusting schedules to family needs, volunteer time); the work environment (ergonomics, lighting, comfort); lifestyle habits (diet, sleep); and management practices (availability and listening, EAP).

" At the CTTÉI, we have a great deal of flexibility with respect to our family needs, our involvement and our personal training. Many decisions are made after consultation through a confidential survey and take into account the needs expressed by employees. In 2020, we also improved, for example, the organization, lighting and user-friendliness of our workplaces," says Phousadavanh.

The commitment to the "Healthy Enterprise" movement is now continuing. "This is not a one-off recognition, but a long-term process. Our goal is to continue to improve as we grow, by supporting our employees in their well-being and personal development in areas of interest," says Claude Maheux-Picard, Executive Director of the CTTÉI.

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