Julien Beaulieu

A CTTÉI researcher in the PME-MTL Est-de-l'île team

Last spring, a major project with an economic flavour, PME-MTL Est-de-l'île, was launched on industrial symbiosis its territory. The objective is to revitalize its sector by encouraging local businesses and shops to exchange resources in order to reduce their raw material purchasing and waste disposal costs. As a result, several residual materials will thus be More aboutA CTTÉI researcher on the PME-MTL Est-de-l'île team ...


Port cities: essential drivers of industrial ecology

15th International Cities and Ports Crossovers Conference The CTTÉI is fortunate to be invited to discuss the role that Industrial-Port Zones (IPZs) play in the deployment of industrial ecology at the 15th International Cities and Ports Crossovers Conference being held in Rotterdam from October 5 to 7. Hélène Gignac, General Manager, will present the More aboutPort Cities: key drivers of industrial ecology ?