The CTTÉI gives Synergie Québec an eco-responsible website

Sorel-Tracy, April 12, 2022 - The Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI) is launching a new ecoresponsible website for Synergie Québec.

Visual website Synergie Québec
Visual of the Synergie Québec website

In order to reduce the digital footprint of its activities, the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI) has launched a new website a new website for Synergie Québec which is distinguished by its eco-responsible nature.

Synergie Québec, the network of industrial and territorial symbioses in Quebec, is a community of practice created and led by the CTTÉI since 2013. "Synergie Québec's mission is intimately linked to the transition to the circular economy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec," emphasises Claude Maheux-Picard, Executive Director of the CTTÉI. "It was therefore logical to look at the energy consumption of the Synergie Québec site.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between the CTTÉI, the SADC Pierre-De Saurel and Kérozen médias interactifs. "TheSADC's contribution to this project is one of guidance and financial support. This type of eco-responsible project is in line with our values of sustainable development in the digital sector. Eco-responsibility is not only about consuming better, but above all about consuming less, and this new website demonstrates this very well," says Sylvie Pouliot, director general of the SADC Pierre-De Saurel. 

An optimised site

The site has a closed (server) environment, uses accessible technology and programming technique. Four design scenarios were tested. They took into account the number of files, the weight of the media elements and the modules included in the site.

The environmental impact was calculated using a CO2 per page load indicator. The analysis of the 4 developed versions showed that the best development choice was to use a widespread content manager, optimisation extensions and best practices in graphics reduction.

The result is a website that uses four times less resources than a standard website built with WordPress. It also uses half as many resources as a website in a standalone CMS or in raw HTML. Designing an eco-responsible website only requires about 15% more work than a "standard" website. A more than reasonable cost considering the gain!

It is important to note that the impact of digital pollution is increasingly being documented around the world; every website has a carbon footprint and consumes resources. Hence the importance of applying best practices in digital sobriety. The CTTÉI employees apply a policy of reducing their digital impact on a daily basis. They limit digital archiving, file sharing and unnecessary emails.

To test the carbon footprint of your website, you can visit

About the Synergie Québec community

The Synergie Québec community is a community of practice dedicated to the development of industrial and territorial symbioses in Québec and led by the CTTÉI. It is the reference point for the creation, development and animation of symbioses in Quebec. The network brings together 25 industrial and/or territorial symbioses and approximately 80 facilitators. The 2700 participating companies are motivated by the desire to make financial gains, contribute to local growth and sustainable development.

Synergie Québec provides training, webinars, experience sharing and reference tools. It supports and accompanies the exchange of resources. It facilitates access to applied research and offers visibility to actors in the transition to the circular economy.

About the CTTÉI

Since 1999, the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle has been developing and sharing unparalleled expertise in the field of waste management. It increases the performance of businesses and communities through research and development of innovative approaches and technologies in industrial ecology. The CTTÉI is affiliated with the Cégep de Sorel-Tracy.